aromatherapy fragrance oil / in the mood
aromatherapy fragrance oil / in the mood

aromatherapy fragrance oil / in the mood

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in the mood - use to inspire feelings of: love + openness

aromatherapy fragrance oil is a natural solution created to assist with the inevitable stresses of everyday life. each blend is targeted to a specific function but also doubles as a pure perfume. vegan, no chemical fillers or ingredients are used. 

apply to pulse points or remove cap and breathe deeply to feel the effects. perfect size for carrying every day as well as travel. 

in the mood may also help to: 

- enhance libido

- uplift mood

- decrease anger

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, rose, patchouli, cedarwood + amber essential oils


aromatherapy fragrance oil collection:

down time - relaxation + tranquility                                         

balance beam - calm + focus

in the mood - love + openness                                               

good vibes - spirit + creativity

fresh feels - exhilaration + renewal

glow getter - energy + empowerment






aromatherapy fragrance oil / in the mood

Customer Reviews

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It’s more earthy than expected but still very good!

Jennifer Dodson
My new FAVORITE fragrance!!!

I'm so hooked on this company! 'In the Mood' fragrance is my favorite, so far. I'm about to put in another order for myself and my 5 closest girlfriends as just because gifts. So delicate, floral and almost a baby powder or baby oil scent?! I just love it.

lisa beck

overall i really like this but there is an undertone that i don't quite get. my husband loves it! thanks...