candle / first kiss or 12th street beach at night or walking home past buckingham fountain a la Nina + Darius in Love Jones

candle / first kiss or 12th street beach at night or walking home past buckingham fountain a la Nina + Darius in Love Jones

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Created to accompany an art exhibition and inspired by the iconic 90’s movie Love Jones, set in Chicago. A mix of urban nightlife, friendship, poetry and first loves reflected in an evocative + intoxicating scent. Sea salt, grapefruit, lime blossom open to mid notes of toasted marshmallow + clove and finish with soft cedar, french vanilla + sandalwood.  

{blade + bloom} candles are created based on scent memories. Scents can take you back to various moments in your life and bring with it hidden emotions. It's known to be a stronger trigger of memory than sight and sound.

Hand-poured in small batches using clean burning soy wax. Each 7 oz. candle comes in a reusable amber glass jar with lid and burns up to 40 hours. No dyes or colorants are used and each scent is tested for aroma strength and burn time. Please reuse or recycle the container after all the candle goodness is gone. 

Some candle tips for the best performance:

- Trim wick to 1/4" each time before lighting.
- Allow wax to pool to edges during first burning, about 2 hours.
This is to prevent tunneling, a dip in the center of the wax, which can affect the candle's fragrance.
- Never leave a burning candle unattended or move one with melted wax.
- Do not burn a candle that has less than 1/4 inch of wax left.

Customer Reviews

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Jasmine Baker
The Perfect Comfort Candle

As a Chicagoan, the title of this candle reeled me in. Once I looked at the notes, I knew I would love this. I love gourmand and citrus scents. This is such a nice blend of the two with the toasted marshmallow being most prominent w/o being too sweet. The warmth of the toasted marshmallow captures the mood and fuzzy feelings you experience when falling in love or feeling at peace at night.It's really an amazing candle w/ a well done concept. Get it!

Carrie Head
Love your candles but not my favorites.

My absolute favorites are the discontinued ones - White Pines, Teen, A Lot Like Love. I think there was another I smelled at Merchandise Mart a few years ago called Little Black Dress. If any of those come back I am stocking up!!!

Namaka A.

I absolutely love every product. The order was extremely late but Terri explained that COVID restrictions backed up supplies and I really appreciated the clear communication. I even got a free product included and it something I was eyeing but decided not to buy. The candle, First Kiss, is quite possibly the best smell that has ever graced my nostrils. Immaculate 🤌🏼. 100% purchasing again

Sarah M.
So uplifting!

I love these candles in general, but this one is especially beautiful…..

Laurene Moore

Was a birthday gift, so I didn’t get to use or smell. I have ordered some of your products for myself and am waiting for the delivery. I have experienced your candle Please Baby and it was Devine!!!!